Project Description

Tagliatelle, thin strips of home-made egg pasta, with a ham sauce or ragù alla Bolognese, with meat.

Tagliatelle are the classic pasta of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.
They are long, flat ribbons, similar in shape to fettuccine.
They can be served with a variety of sauces, though the classic is a meat sauce.

Tagliatelle are an expression of the art of hand-made pasta, because the secret in achieving cooking perfection lies in the ability to roll the pasta evenly, without holes or cuts or difference in thickness.

Since tagliatelle are generally made as fresh pasta, its texture is porous and rough, making it ideal for thick sauces such as ragù, generally made with beef and pancetta (fresh bacon).
Tagliatelle are 7-8 mm wide pasta noodles: they are made by rolling the pastry on the board, making a multi-layer cylinder.

After flattening it, without squashing it, use a wide-bladed knife to cut tagliatelle of the above-mewntined width, making many pasta rollers that will be lain on the board as small tagliatelle nests.

In Bologna, they are typically served with “ragu”, Bolognese meat sauce. They can also be dressed with: ham sauce, also adding peas, and mushroom sauce, or enriched with salmon

The thinnest version, only 3 mm wide, is called tagliolina. It is perfect for stock, broth chicken