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  1. We have tried to practice the recipe since returning home and had a couple of questions…..
    1) Adding the milk to the ragu is the last step.
    How long do you keep cooking the ragu after you add the milk?
    Until the sauce turns red again  
    2) Any tips on what cut of beef the ‘cartella’ is? As the butchers here do not know it?
    Skirt inner Steak
        (what is it?:Cut from the plate (underbelly) section of the steer, this distinctive looking steak is the long, thin diaphragm muscle. Skirt steak has a similar texture to flank steak (with which it is sometimes confused), but it’s more tender and has a beefier flavor.
       if don’t have it?:Substitute another coarse-grained steak from the plate, such as hanger steak or flank steak.


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